Find and neutralize the attackers

We identify for you if your Information System is compromised. A signature-less detection system allowing for the detection of suspicious behaviors let us discover unknown attacks.

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Find the attacker!

In recent years the number of computer attacks has increased dramatically, targeting both governments and private companies. The complexity of these attacks has also increased significantly, regardless of the type of target. Current state-of-the-art attacks and tactics (often referred to as APTs) show that an attacker can invest an IS and remain active there for years without being detected. In the current context of cyber threat, it is recommended for any entity concerned with its security to be proactive and to look for possible signs of intrusion before having any proof

Our activity therefore focuses solely on computer counterintelligence. Our goal is to identify a still unknown and persistent compromise on an information system.

To meet these risks we offer two services:

  • A one-time service: the search for compromise
  • the other analyzing system events: the monitoring of the IS


Our services

Search for compromise

We do a deep analysis of your IS identify an attacker.

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IS monitoring

We analyze the activity of your IS to find suspicious behavior.


Benefit from our Windows expertise with three courses about Windows Internal and Malwares analysis.

Who are we?


  • Has been an expert at ANSSI in the areas of incident response and malware analysis

  • Speaker in many national conferences

  • Recent analysis of Uruburos Rootkit 's latest version

  • Discovery of several vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel

  • More than 10 years of professional expertise

    Performs reverse engineering for 15 years


  • Speaker in multiples international conferences

  • Published an analysis of Win32/Aibatook and its infection technique

  • Discovery of a vulnerability in the Windows kernel

  • Conference : "A view into ALPC-RPC"

  • Performs reverse engineering for 6 years

Contact us!

For more information on any of our services do not hesitate to contact us, we will detail you our activities with pleasure.

contact [at] exatrack [dot] com